Contemporary challenges faced by Maritime Education & Training (MET) institutions and Maritime Training Centers (MTC) require effective strategic planning.

Yet not all related establishments in Europe encounter the same problems or possess the same resource mix and flexibility of decision-making. In order to assist decision-makers, the SkillSea team developed three innovative tools. These tools enable decision-makers to make choices against pre-determined criteria. The designed tools are transparent, expandable, and adjustable to the evolving needs of maritime education and training providers.

  • Tool 1: Strategy Direction Location (STRA.D.L.): A tool to facilitate choosing among strategic cooperation options open to MET in view of internationalisation. It allows the mapping by MET/MTCs themselves given internal and external attributes and allows the selection of internationalisation partners.
  • Tool 2: Transcript International Transfer (Trans.I.T.) : This Module Similarity Tool supports the transferability and recognition of modules. It is useful for assessing the similarity of modules using foundations of the European Quality Framework.
  • Tool 3: Strategic Evaluation MET Tool (ST.E.MET): A tool designed primarily for the (high level) administration of METs useful for both internal and external evaluation of MET Institutions operable at MET/module level.