This section will be replaced when WP2 task 5 is completed .


The term ‘evaluation’ is used to refer to assuring quality of the educational package, its design and delivery by students and instructors (internal evaluation), with an ultimate goal to improve the course for future deliveries. In certain cases, educational packages will be also evaluated by shipping companies and industry partners (external evaluation). For those organisations, we will use sample rather than census approach.

Evaluation tools will be developed by the Fleetwood Nautical Campus of Blackpool & the Fylde College and will be exactly the same format for all educational packages, which will enable the benchmarking of different educational packages and deliveries against each other. Evaluation will be in the form of a survey to all students, with a link provided on all Moodle pages. The students will complete the survey at the end of the course. Lecturers will review outcomes of the survey and will provide their reflections, with possible actions for developers/deliverers to consider. This information will be available for deliverers to review the package.

Evaluation tools will include a range of questions, from administration of the course to assessments.

Evaluation will be embedded in every educational package, and will also be used for appraisal of the course during piloting.